Thursday, November 28, 2019

Google and Me Together Forever free essay sample

I can distinctly remember, in first grade, teaching myself to write in cursive on a prop-up easel on my porch. I recall a time, in second grade, seated at my kitchen table attempting to learn long division. In third grade I wrote my first research paper, and in fourth I memorized all the countries in North and South America, Africa and Europe. Now, these examples are not meant to convey that I was a super-scholarly child; in fact, it should be known I still can’t do a bunch of the upper-case cursive letters, and it took me until fifth grade to master long division. Instead, these examples are meant to explain an innate part of me that I consider more valuable than any IQ or memorized knowledge: my desire to learn, and a passion for knowledge. This is an intrinsic quality, running through my blood from the day I was born. We will write a custom essay sample on Google and Me: Together Forever or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page And so my love  ­affair with Google should be of no surprise. It has been a reliable relationship, steadily growing since middle school. I can still actually remember my first bout of excessive googling. It was the summer of sixth grade, right after I had learned that my family and I would be taking a trip to Boston. I immediately hopped on a computer to learn more. Hours later, I left my over-worked printer with restaurant reviews, phone numbers, ticket prices, hypothetical driving routes and a newfound respect for the search engine. That weekend I was able to sit up front in the car because I was the one with the  ­directions. And in that somewhat trivial act, satisfaction washed over me. The power of knowledge is an unparalleled feeling (even if it is just directions), and Google gave me that power through its endless supply of information. Google watched me grow up; held my hand through tough concepts, and has been witness to great shifts in intellectual interest. Every day I grow into more of a research-freak. And with the loyal support of Google, my geeky love for facts and  ­statistics leak out. I spent the months of 2011 filling out a homemade chart of the eight potential GOP nominees and their positions on 19 national issues, (a chart that, yes, did contain direct quotes from the candidates themselves.) As excessive as something like this might sound, to me it was so completely necessary. I wanted to understand. I needed reason and validation to back up my political opinions. I feel fortunate to live in a time where such vast amounts of information is – literally – at the tips of my fingers. I hope to one day make my contribution. The high esteem I hold for my beloved Google – and my love for learning, in general – is an integral part of who I am. I’m proud to embrace my inner geek and exclaim to the world: I love googling!

Sunday, November 24, 2019

A danger to public health and welfare Essays - Nutrition

A danger to public health and welfare Essays - Nutrition A danger to public health and welfare In what could be a historic moment in the struggle against climate change, the environmental protection agency on Friday confirmed what most people have long suspected but had never been declared as a matter of federal laws carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases constitute a danger to public health and welfare. The formal endangerment finding names carbon dioxide and five other heat trapping gases as pollutants subject to regulation under the federal clean air act. This in turn sets the stage after a 60-day comment period for broad new rules touching major sectors of the American economy and profoundly influencing how Americans use and generate energy. Labels lift how the FDA could make nutrition facts more palatable. Ill have one serving size with a couple of grams of sugar, please. Chances are youve never spoken a sentence like that out loud, because to most people, it doesnt make sense. Yet thats the kind of lingo food makers have used for years to tell Americans about what theyre eating, via the nutrition facts panel. Now, for the first time in a decade the food and drug administration is ready for a chance. After many rounds of internal debate and hefty criticism from health groups the FDA recently submitted a list of proposed improvements for approval by the white house. Since the nutrition facts label was introduced in 1990, the science and recommendations under lying it have changed, says Juli Putnam, an FDA spokesman. Whereas studies show that there are good and bad fats, for example, the label lumps Who do I talk to I will let them Engineering Consulting Firm Residential That will be wonderful Thank you for your help I talked to Geoff. I can redo it Where are you? Little things How is everything going? Turn it off the computer All the fats together. And daily values for sodium are based one a 2,400 mg diet even though new research says those figures should be lower. Although the FDA wont say when the changes will take effect it could be years or what they will be, many nutrition experts have already chimed in with suggestions. But Dr. Robert Lustig, a professor of clinical pediatrics at the university of California, Sand Francisco, warns that helath advocates should temper their expectations. After all, food processing companies spent over $28 million last year on lobbying efforts, some of which were aimed at the FDA. None the less, even a small tweak could pay big dividends. Now that 42% of working base Americans are reading nutrition fact labels (up from 34% in 2008), they could play a key part in combatting the obesity epidemic. None of these are block-buster changes, says Michael Jacobson, executive director of the center for science in the public Internet. Theyre steps.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

John Gotti Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

John Gotti - Essay Example Gotti was short tempered and easily angered. Gotti always wanted to be a gangster as he saw them in his neighborhood everyday. His first step towards this was when he joined local mobsters along with his brothers. He quit school at fifteen and joined a teenage gang, Fulton-Rockaway Boys. Gotti was arrested five times between 1957 and 1961. John Gotti's criminal career started with the Gambino family with fencing stolen goods from the John F. Kennedy International Airport then known as Idlewild Airport. In 1978 in the month of February Gotti was arrested for the United hijacking and two months later while Gotti was on bail he was arrested a third time for hijacking a cargo of cigarettes worth $50,000. He was later found accountable for the Northwest hijacking and was sent to Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary to serve four years in jail. After his release he returned back to his old crew and started working for capo regime Carmine Fatico, who was charged of loan sharking and made Gotti capo of the Bergin Crew, he was accountable to Aniello Dellacroce and Carlo Gambino. Paul Castellano was declared the head of the family after Gambino's death; however he did not earn the respect of his subordinates.